“...Clara Foods is a biotech company creating the world’s very first animal free egg white, which will one day end the cruel confinement and suffering of over 300 million hens every year. Mind blowing innovation!”

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Article: Vegconomist

Clara Foods’ Arturo Elizondo on Disrupting the Egg Market

"Cage-free is a step backwards for me but Clara Foods is a step forward"


Article: Mashable

Animal-free foods just got more interesting.

Read about how animal-free proteins are changing how we walk down the grocery isle and read food labels. 


Article: Barclays

The Future of Food

"This technology brings us one step closer to converting the factory farms and slaughterhouses of today into the breweries of tomorrow."


Article: Food Dive

AB InBev Venture Arm to Help Clara Foods Scale Up

Read about our exciting new partnership to scale sustainable protein development. 

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Interview: Trend Hunter

An Interview with Clara Foods Founder Arturo Elizondo

"Clara Foods understands that it's time to leave the factory farm model in the past"


Interview: Plantbased Business Hour

Disrupting the Egg Market with Arturo Elizondo

Listen to CEO of Clara Foods, Arturo Elizondo, sit down with Elysabeth Alfano of Plantbased Business Hour.



How Vegan Eggs of the Future Are Made

Read about how a new type of fermentation will change how we brew the foods we love. 


Article: Green Queen

Clara Foods Partners With Brewing Giant AB InBev

Read about our exciting new partnership as a major step towards realizing our vision. 


Press Release

ZX Ventures Partners with Clara Foods

New partnership to focus on unlocking scaled production for more sustainable, animal-free protein ingredients.


Article: BusinessWire

Clara Foods Announces Launch of World’s First Animal-Free Pepsin

Read our formal announcement that animal-free pepsin is finally here!


Article: Forbes

Fermentation: The New Game-Changer For Alternative Proteins?

"Using this process, we can maintain the same taste and functionality of the original product"

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Article: SF Business Times

Rebranding Alternative Meats

Read about how alternative meats and proteins are evolving and scaling across the world. 


Article: Tech Crunch

Will Budweiser brew eggs and will Post cereal make meat?

“Humanity needs solutions that match the scale and urgency of our problems"


Article: BBC

Making Honey Without Bees and Milk Without Cows

Read how we and our peers are tackling some of the most vital food challenges. 

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Article: FoodIngredientsFirst

“First-Ever” Animal-Free Pepsin For Commercial Use

Read about our latest animal-free product ready for commercial use. 


Article: Food Navigator

Clara Foods Launches Animal-Free Pepsin

"We want to accelerate the world's transition to animal-free proteins"


Podcast: The Spoon

Hatching A Startup That Makes Eggs Without the Chicken

Listen to a fascinating conversation between Mike Wolf and Clara Foods CEO, Arturo Elizondo.

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Article: Food Navigator

The 'World's First' Animal-Free Egg White Through Fermentation

Read about our approach, the delicious creations, and our plans for the future.


Article: Green Queen

“We Can All Get Behind The Fact That Factory Farming Shouldn’t Exist”

Read an interview featuring Clara Foods CEO, Arturo Elizondo. 


Article: VegNews

Vegan Egg To Replace Chicken Eggs In Baked Goods In 2021

Read about our plans for 2021.


Article: The Guardian

"The new food: meet the startups racing to reinvent the meal"

Read an interview featuring Clara Foods CEO, Arturo Elizondo.


Article: Fooddive

"How acellular agriculture will reshape food"

Interview featuring Clara Foods CEO, Arturo Elizondo. 

Silicone Egg Beater 2

Press: Blue Horizon

Clara Foods Added to blue horizon’s “Eggless” Basket of Investments

Read about our newest investor.


Video: DLD Conference

DLD Conference Panel Discussion 2018

Watch Clara Foods speak at DLD Conference 2018.

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Article: Unreasonable Group

Unreasonable Company Profile

Check out Unreasonable Group's company profile on Clara Foods.


Article: Fortune

"Why Fermentation Is the Future of Food Tech"

Fortune Magazine's feature on fermented food. Proud to be a part of it.