A Recipe for Success

The story of Clara Foods 

Clara Foods was founded out of IndieBio with the desire to solve the problems of our current food ecosystem. Unsustainability, cruelty, health and safety concerns. We knew we could make something better. So we did.

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Start with a problem

Food production is becoming unsustainable. A dozen eggs alone can take up to 2000 liters of water to create. Not to mention the ethical and moral implications of harvesting the lives of animals. We knew we had to do something. 


Be inspired

Arturo Elizondo, a passionate vegan and David Anchel, a PhD studying a-cellular egg creation met through New Harvest. A Research institute focused on accelerating breakthroughs in agriculture. Together, they hatched an idea. 


Build a team

Clara Foods began building its team. We focused on building an inclusive, innovative team from all walks of life and industry. By doing so, we've built a company capable of immense focus, innovation and resilience. 

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