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Creating the

protein of tomorrow, today

We're developing technology to create animal protein without the animals. Our protein platform offers all the great taste of the foods you know and love with less cost, better performance, and less waste.


Product Areas

Have your cake, and eat it too.

The most powerful ingredients just got a whole lot greener and cleaner. 



Food & Beverage Ingredients





The Benefits

Less Waste

Our process uses less water, land, and energy to achieve equal or better results when compared to current production practices.

Better Performance

Our process uses natural ingredients free of pesticides, antibiotics and preservatives. This means our quality is consistent, reliable, and sustainable. 

Increased Reliability

Better quality means better performance. With pure ingredients, you never have to worry about your cake suddenly going flat or cheese coming out wrong.

Enhanced Versatility

We create tailor made protein to fit your needs. Whether its performance supplements, preservatives or baking products.

We're blending the ancient art of fermentation with the technology of today to make the protein of the future.

Our Process


Yeast & Sugar





We begin by mixing two ingredients found in nearly every good kitchen: sugar and yeast. 

Next, we use advanced yeast engineering and fermentation technologies to selectively cultivate the perfect strain of yeast.

We end with protein, tailor made for its purpose. Whether egg albumen for baking, environmentally friendly antimicrobials, or pure, clean protein, our process can make anything.


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